Saturday, October 17, 2009

Review Stream

This site is the only place on the Internet you can earn some cash just for writing the reviews! You could review anything around you including: any products, hi-end technics, companies, hotels, politics, cities, stores on your street, or even your neighbors pets! We'll pay you for all of the reviews. Did you visit a barbershop today? Review it and get paid! What about your shopping today? Review the shops you visited and get some money back in your pocket! Did you return from a vacation? Review the hotel and its staff, the car you rented, cities you visited, restaurants (including McDonald's), fashion stores and street markets ... everything!

Everything can be reviewed and every review can be paid! Take just a few minutes and put some of your hard earned money back in your pocket!


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Yuuki says:

This is definitely a paying site, my friends already got payments from RS, though I am working on my first pay-out which is $50.

To submit a review, write a minimum of 250 words on products, services, websites, people, places, etc which you think is marketable enough, the review should be based on your own experiences. Then submit your review at , there is no need for registration for first time writers/ reviewers but you have to wait at least 72 hours to know if your review and account are approved. If it was approved, then you can submit your next reviews. Approved reviews are paid $2 or $0.4 for bulk rates.

It may take a lot of reviews and your time to reach out the minimum pay-out of $50 but once you’ve got the hang of reviewing things, it will just be water under the bridge. My friend got her Trusted status before she gets her first pay-out and she now gets automatic approval on all her reviews. I am not yet on that level but I’m sure it will be sooner than later.


The Dreamer said...

I believe they updated their rate to $2.50. You might want to check that out ;)

Liz said...

Yuuki, just an update. Sansan is correct. New review rate is $2.50! Haha. Increased by .50
I have posted it here:

New Rate at RS