Saturday, December 5, 2009

IM Report Card

What is IM Report Card?

Every day 1,000s of people begin their online marketing journey, and most quickly find themselves overwhelmed by all the hype, "secrets" and claims of easy money.

Until now people have had nowhere to quickly and easily learn the real deal about the products, services and people they come across that all want their money.

Getting started is hard enough without wasting your time and money on ...

  • products that don't live up to the seller's claims
  • services that don't do what they're supposed to do
  • getting scammed by people who are just out to make a quick buck

Our mission is simple - to catalogue, review and discuss every single popular Internet marketing related product, service, person or "guru", and biz-opp.

Unlike other bogus "review" sites run by money-hungry affiliates who'll say anything to make a buck, we provide unbiased reviews and let our community decide the merits of a product or service by grading it and sharing their own experiences.

You can also ask questions about a product you're interested in, rate products, add your own comments and share your own experiences - and help others in the process.

IMRC is a community of like-minded people looking to make money online, who are sick of all the scams out there, and who help each other out along the way.

Get Paid just for using IM Report Card!

Once you create your free account, you'll begin earning "IMRC Credits" for almost everything you do. We reward you just for participating in our community!

And if you're like most people you've probably already bought or have experience with dozens of the products, services, people and/or biz-opps already reviewed on the site.

If you grade and comment on them you could easily earn some cash right now.

Here are all the ways you can currently earn IMRC Credits ...

Rate a Review or another users' comment
1 Credit
Grade a Product, Service, Person or Biz-Opp
10 Credits
Add your own comment to any review
50/100/150 Credits + *Bonus*

Suggest a new product, service, etc. for review 75 Credits

Refer another user to IM Report Card Whatever THEY earn!

For comments of at least 100 words, the standard number of credits earned is 50. But if you're the first to comment on a new review you earn triple credits - 150 instead of 50. And if you're the second to comment, you earn double credits - 100 instead of 50.

You can also earn bonus credits from all of your comments. Each time you add a comment other users will rate your comment as either being helpful or not. Each "helpful" rating your comment receives will earn you 1 additional credit.

Referring other users to IMRC can really earn you a lot of credits, because for every person you refer you'll earn matching credits for all the credits THEY personally earn! (except for bonus credits - you'll earn the standard 50 credits for all their comments).


Yuuki says

I started with IMRC mid of September and up till now I have been paid a total of $170. And to think I’ve been slacking off the whole month of November.

If you had experience with writing reviews (like in Review Stream), it is the same with IMRC but here you have to review/ comment on Internet Marketing sites/ programs/ gurus. I targeted first those PTC sites I joined in and other marketing programs I tried. And those were few to mention I must say. So I tried to expand my knowledge about Internet Marketing by reading the comments and trying myself those sites/ programs so later on I was able to make a comment on my own. So that’s not called cheating or fabricating comments right?

It is really important too that you get active referrals, because you get 100% of their credits (except for the bonuses). I only had 1 active referral but still she was able to help me with 50% of my total cash-out. So if you have more, you can just sit down, relax and let those dollars come your paypal account.

Join me.